About Graceful Living Senior Care

Graceful Living is committed to the highest standards of senior care, assisted living care and memory care at our residences.

Here a little bit about us: We are driven by the belief that every senior resident deserves to be treated like a family member. That’s why we serve them in comfort, with warm, welcoming and home-like environments.

Our skilled, experienced and compassionate staff

We’re staff-oriented. We are building a community that includes our caregivers, staff, residents, and the families of the residents.

Just as someone is selective of who they bring into their home, we’re selective about who we hire at Graceful Living. Our team is made up of trained and certified senior care professionals. They are passionate about providing for the physical, mental and emotional needs of elders. And they do so in a way that respects each resident’s personality and preferences.

We offer a variety of engaging activities, from lively events to quiet time for reading or reflection. This ensures that our seniors can pursue the lifestyle that makes them feel healthy, happy, and content.

We are driven by the belief that every senior resident deserves to be treated like a family member. That’s why we serve them in comfort, with warm, welcoming and home-like environments.
Elderly couple sharing a loving kiss in a park at Oakdale assisted living facility

Graceful Living is committed to the highest standards of senior, assisted living, and memory care at our facilities in Modesto, Oakdale and Riverbank.

A Passion, a Calling, a New Standard of Care

Voica Matis and Bogdan Condor had a dream to provide exceptional, family-centered care. Since 2001, their philosophy is that high-quality medical and assisted living services could be at home. This commitment to compassion is something they wanted to offer to residents and their families.


Voica and Bogdan are passionate about family. Their deep Romanian roots instilled the values of community and warmth in all that they do. Their lives are grounded on important principles of being welcoming, nurturing, and loving.


They come from a background of caretaking, including decades of pediatric, senior, and memory care. It inspired the idea to create a one-of-a-kind senior living community throughout California. They wanted to create a true home, featuring family meals, daily activities, and certified caretakers assisting with all needed aspects of daily life.

Voica Matis and Bogdan Condor family smiling to the camera

Our History

Voica and Bogdan’s vision saw homes with low resident-to-caretaker ratios, to ensure dedicated and focused attention. They sought to create a place where people can get the care they need and the quality they deserve – right at home.

After careful selection, Graceful Living started with one six-bed home in Oakdale. Each time they expanded, countless hours of thoughtful consideration and months of planning went into picking each residential care home.

The homes, like their residents, are all unique. They offer various living layouts housed with 24/7 caretakers certified in tending to the specific needs of those we’re privileged to serve. Graceful Living is grounded on a foundation of both genuine love and exceptional professional standards. Each of the six homes in Modesto, Oakdale and Riverbank are licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services.


Graceful Living takes pride in not only treating each person like family, but truly becoming family with them. The setting creates a superior physical and emotional experience that creates consistency and a community.

Looking back on their humble beginnings, massive milestones, and legacy of care, Voica and Bogdan feel excited to continue offering peace-of-mind to countless families. What will always be the most important to Voica and Bogdan is that Graceful Living conveys to every resident and their families they are home.

Graceful Living Voica Matis enjoying the company of one of the residents.

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