Assisted Living and Senior Care for your family in Modesto, Riverbank and Oakdale

If you or your parent no longer feels safe or healthy living on your own, assisted living care by professional caregivers can provide daily personal care and assurance. Our Graceful Living homes are staffed 24/7 by highly trained caregivers who assist with all the activities of daily living, medication needs and management.
An endearing image capturing an elderly couple, their devoted caregiver, and an adorable puppy in the heartwarming setting of an Modesto assisted living facility

Activities of daily living

Prepare to be pampered! At Graceful Living, our caregiving superheroes are on duty 24/7, ready to spring into action and assist with every aspect of your daily life. From showering and grooming to dressing and even incontinence care, they’re dedicated to your comfort, happiness, and well-being.

But we don’t stop at just care! We also believe in fueling your vibrant life with delicious and nutritious meals. That’s why our culinary wizards craft every dish using fresh, local ingredients. Forget bland, institutional fare – at Graceful Living, every meal is a taste of joy!

So ditch the routine and embrace a life brimming with possibilities at Graceful Living. We’re here to make every day an adventure, filled with laughter, connection, and delicious food.


Wellness and medication management

Our staff knows our residents intimately. They proactively care for our residents and quickly recognize changes in their condition. Our Wellness Coordinator oversees and customizes care plans for each resident and can communicate concerns to primary care physicians and family members. All Graceful Living staff members are trained in storing and administering medication.


Our Graceful Living senior care homes are designed to maintain our residents in a family environment while receiving a high level of care. Each home features elegant, warm and comfortable family rooms and well-appointed bedrooms. We provide daily housekeeping, linens and laundry services.

At Graceful Living, our accommodations redefine comfort and tranquility for our residents. Each living space is thoughtfully designed to provide a harmonious blend of privacy and community living. Our well-appointed rooms offer a serene retreat, featuring modern amenities and safety features tailored for the unique needs of the elderly. With meticulous attention to detail, we strive to create an atmosphere where residents can truly feel at home. From spacious layouts to inviting decor, our accommodations reflect our commitment to fostering a supportive and inviting environment, ensuring that every resident enjoys a quality living experience at Graceful Living.

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